Hiking & climbing in Bad Gastein

From the Gastein Lodge up to the mountains

The hiking trails in the Gastein valley offer a huge choice; amateur walkers can choose from as many attractive routes as alpine professionals. The geology of the "Hohe Tauern" national park is unique and manifold, just as the environs of Gastein: steep slopes and dramatic gorges, soft, lush-green hilltops, deep mountain lakes and romantic babbling streams.

350 kilometres of hiking trails offer a huge choice for families with children as well as for able and experienced alpine hikers. Explore the highland countryside along ancient gold digger trails, on horseback or via ancient trading routes.

If you can hear the sound of cowbells from afar, an alpine meadow must be near. Animals and their keepers from all over the valley still spend the summer months on the alpine meadows grazing land, a century old tradition.

Did you know that the term "Almrausch" has nothing to do with having drunk one too many? "Almrausch" is the name of the pink alpine flower, also known as an alpine rose, which when in bloom in June, transforms the alpine meadows into a vivid pink blanket of colour.

Explore the stunning world of the Gastein mountains from the hotel! The daily weather report is available at the reception!

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Modern climbing is all about actively enjoying nature and is not necessarily just a test of courage.

At the Alpine Climbing Range Bad Gastein, high above the rooftops, you can free your mind and forget the daily routine. Make your first endeavour at rock climbing under the watchful eye of qualified and competent guides.

An experiencd Alpine guide will give you expert instructions about the correct technique during the taster course before you start your first climbing attempt.

Near Dorfgastein and in Klammstein at the valley opening you will find challenging climbing routes on natural rock face from the difficulty levels 4 to 8.

The trained team of the „Dorf-Aktiv“ Mountaineering School offers taster climbing courses for all ages as well as via ferrata tours, and High-Alpine tours all over the Alps.

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