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Magical winter activities in nature

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Out and about in Bad Gastein & environs

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4 attractive ski resorts - 42 ski lifts

Skiers should choose the skiing area depending on their skiing ability and on the weather. The daily, hot-off-the press snow report is available at the reception.

By the way: The total transport capacity of all cable car systems in Gastein is an impressive number of 70.118 winter sports enthusiasts per hour!

Schlossalm - Angertal - Stubnerkogel | 860 - 2.300 m above sea level

This is the biggest connected skiing area. Ski runs with altitude differences of over 1.000 m bring lots of variation to your winter sports fun - perfectly networked with modern lifts and cable railways. For beginners we recommend the "Judaulift" in the "Angertal" ski centre. A favourite run is the „Hohe Scharte Nord“, 8 km long and with 1.440m altitude difference; one of the longest runs in the Eastern Alps.

Sportgastein | 1.590 - 2.650 m above sea level

Here in the highest skiing area particularly sporting skiers are in their element. Skiers dreams become reality, as soon as the snow conditions permit them to adventure off-piste - when powder or better still, hard-packed snow is on the ground. A special hint: ski routes 1 and 2 - loads of choice for skiers. After skiing down one thousand altitude metres of deep snow or moguls you come back to valley level in Sportgastein.

Graukogel | 1.079 - 2.007 m above sea level

The "Graukogel" is a real challenge for experienced skiers with its long, difficult runs. Most of the runs are in wooded areas and therefore sheltered from the wind, giving skiers a better orientation even in conditions of poor visibility. The only drawback is: There is no direct lift connection to the other skiing areas.

Dorfgastein - Großarltal | 850 - 2.003 m above sea level

Gastein valleys' first ski circuit offers diverse family-friendly downhill runs, maximum comfort with the cable cars and lifts and a unique, hearty and down-to-earth atmosphere at the ski lodges. A ride in the summit lift - "Fulseck" will take you to the highest point of the Dorfgastein ski circuit– Großarltal. From Fulseck you have the most stunning panorama view from the "Großglockner" to the "Dachstein".

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Wrapped-up warm and cosy in blankets, enjoy the unique experience of a bobsleigh ride. The snowy Gastein winter landscape is a magical sight and the cold clear air is relaxing and invigorating all at once.

Leave the humdrum of everyday routine behind you and enjoy the romantic jingling of the bobsleigh bells. A bobsleigh ride is ideal when combined with a pleasent stop at a lodge for some traditional fare and a warming drink.

A bobsleigh ride is offered once a week as part of the leisure activities programme. Horse drawn carriages rides are offered in summer.

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If you love peace and tranquility and the solitude of nature on your winter holiday, then snow shoe hiking is the right choice: a combination of gentle fitness and intensive nature experience!

Those who have already worn featherlight snow shoes will know their benefits. They allow you to hike through deep snow to the summits, usually only reached by backcountry ski hikers. Once you get to the top you are rewarded with a magnificent panorama.

Guided snow shoe tours are organised throughout the winter in the Gastein valley; trudging uphill through the glittering snow on sunny slopes. Here the only other footsteps you will discover are those of the woodland animals.

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